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Disassembling and Assembling a Chicken Drinker Cup to Fix A Leak

November 01, 2020

Do you have a leaky chicken waterer cup?

This video walks through how to
disassemble and reassemble a standard drinker cup.

If you are having a leak from a cup it is probably from one of three places

  1. The most likely place is where the waterer can surface touches the o-ring of the cup. In this case you don't need to take the cup apart, just unscrew the cup from the waterer, check that the o-ring and can surface is clean and then put the cup back on. Over-tightening or under-tightening can cause a leak. It should be a gentle hand-tightened fit.
  2. The leak is from the little red o-ring inside the cup. Sometimes it gets a little squished and just taking it off and putting it back on should fix it. Watch the video to see how easy a fix this is.
  3. The leak is at the black cap at the end of the yellow paddle. If the cap is not fully seated it will leak. Watch the video to see how easy a fix this is.
Watch video on taking apart and reassembling chicken waterer cups

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