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About Us

About us:  We are sustainable farmers with 13 acres south of Austin Texas. We grow vegetables, fruit and nut trees, and keep dairy goats and, of course, a coop full of chickens! Our strive is for zero ecological impact, compassionate free-range treatment of our animals, and maximal nutrient density and health in what we farm. When building our structures and equipment, we choose the best materials available. Sometimes this is earth, sometimes this is steel, glass, or even clay.

Our objective: We sell what we wish for.  This is really two stores in one: a gift shop and chicken specialty supply store.  In our gift shop  we sell made to order items decorated with our own playfully designed illustrations for people, like us, who love to show off their animal spirit.  Our innovative chicken store  designs and sources chicken supplies for the selective backyard farmer who wants premium products that make their hens happier, their workload easier and everyone healthier.

Our own in-house designed custom chicken keeper products:  We like to sell products that are awesome!  Sometimes this means sourcing them from others and sometimes this means making them ourselves. Our first to market backyard chicken product line is the world's greatest chicken drinkers modeled after waterers we have been making for our own little farm for some years now.  We strive to keep both animals and their owners happy and healthy. We imagine that our customers have chickens for the joy of having them and for the gift of their healthy eggs. We want to make the job of caring for your birds easy while we also increase the health of both egg makers and egg eaters.  Water quality is one of the most important health factors for chickens and we are super happy to offer our customers a product that fixes some serious problems that all the other drinkers on the market have ignored. This is why our primary product line is the  Love My Hens Drinkers.  They are truly the best.  This is why:

  • We use surgical grade 18-8 (304) 20 ga. stainless steel. We manufacture with the same materials that top stainless water bottles are made with because we want your birds to drink the same quality water that you do!
  • The nipple and cup drinker options keep your birds from soiling their water.
  • Our stainless buckets significantly reduce the frequency and effort in cleaning:  with materials that are less conducive to bacteria and algae growth, a seamless bucket with no corners and crevices, and a wide mouth for easy access.
  • Our priority is to keep you and your hens safe by protecting you from the common exposure to poisonous phthalates and BPA leaching that is terribly pervasive in other waterers that use PVC piping and plastic buckets.
  • For colder climates, heating is as simple as adding a low wattage light bulb or another heat source. the steel tolerates cookware level temperatures without any issues.


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