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Dairy Goat Montage Bracelet

Can't decide which dairy goat you favor?  This pretty caprine montage will win you over!  Choose a coin or heart pendant in plated sterling or 18k gold.  Made in the USA.

  •  MAKES A FUN GIFT - Or enjoy it yourself and test your friends on your favorite dairy goat breeds!
  •  STERLING SILVER OR 18K GOLD PLATED CHARMS - High-quality durable base is nickel and lead-free.
  • ✓  VIBRANT COLORS WITH GLOSSY FINISH PENDANT - Custom Love My Barnyard design printed with vibrant crisp imaging technique.
  •   STRAP DIAMETER FITS WRIST FROM 2.16” to 2.36” - The band's width is 0.19” and is adjustable to three sizes.
  • ✓  PENDANT DIAMETERS - Coin 0.78” and Heart 0.7” to 0.78”.


Wipe the dust or any dirt off gently with a clean, dry cloth.