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How to Train Your Chickens To Use A Cup Waterer / Drinker

May 10, 2019

Chickens Drinking With Cup Waterers

Teaching your chickens to do something new can be challenging. Here are a few important tips to help your chickens quickly figure out your new waterer cup system.

Keep a close eye on your chickens while they are learning, you do not want them to become dehydrated!

Choose a day that is not overly hot to introduce a new waterer.

To speed up learning, we suggest you remove all other water sources while your chickens are getting familiar with their new system. 

Cleaner = Tastier = More Drinking! Because it is so much cleaner and tastier, you may find that once they are in the swing of things, your chickens drink more water.

  1. Clean your new chicken waterer. If you own one of our Love My Hens Cup Waterers, then simply use dish soap and warm water. Be sure to rinse well so no soapy residue is left behind.

  2. Fill your waterer with fresh good quality water; we suggest you use the same quality water that you would like to drink yourself!

  3. Hang up your waterer and put on the lid to keep debris out of the water.

  4. Pre-fill all of the cups by pressing on the yellow flapper and bring your chickens over to drink. 

  5. Typically, once chickens know the cups are where the water is, they will naturally peck at the yellow flapper to get more water.  However, if they have trouble figuring out to draw in more water they need to peck the Poultry Drinker Cupflapper, then take a few of your hens and gently guide their heads to the flapper so they experience the water coming out, and repeat this a few times during the day. It really only takes one hen to know how to use a system and then all of the other chickens will follow.

Chicken drinking from Love My Hens Cup Waterer

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