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How To Install The Cups On My New Love My Hens Waterer

May 10, 2019

For compactness in shipping, and so you get to know your drinker better, we send you your waterer tote with the cups not inserted.

Here is what you do for a quick and easy install of each of the three cups onto your waterer. Please, no worries, no tools or expertise needed for this!

Chicken poultry drinker cup installation

  1. Wash the waterer and all of the cup parts with dish soap and rinse well.
  2. Unscrew the nut. 
  3. Remove one of the two white o-rings.
  4. Insert the threaded end of the cup such that the one remaining o-ring is pressed against the outside of the waterer tote.
  5. Take the other o-ring that you had removed and put your hand into the waterer tote and slide it back over the threads so it is pressed against the inside of the waterer tote surface.
  6. Thread the nut back on, and just tighten by hand. It is easiest if the nut is threaded so it curves away from the side of the tote. Note, if you are changing out a cup (or nipple) that has been used before, or on a tote that has been used before, be sure to wipe the surface of the tote and the o-rings very well, as even the smallest of particles can interfere with the seal and cause leakage.
  7. Do this for your three cups, and that’s it, you are ready to go! We gave you an extra cup, just cuz. Things get knocked, dropped, gunked up, or who knows what… and it’s always nice to have a backup!
  8. Get to know your lid. The lids are made to be snug; you will find that it is easiest to remove from one orientation or another so play with it a little to find the sweet spot.

Okay, that is it, you are ready to go hang up your new Love My Hens Chicken Waterer!

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