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Chicken Waterer Placement

May 15, 2019

Give some thought to where you put your chicken waterers.

Factors to consider:

  • The size of their outdoor area.
  • The weather your hens are enduring.
  • Ease of access for you.
  • The size of your flock. 
  • Positioning for chicken height as well as for easy cleaning and filling.

Put them where your chickens are... It is a great idea to have waterers in the areas your chickens most hang out. This usually means inside and outside, and if you have a large pasture, rather than just a run or backyard, then give them water on both ends. Drinking enough water is critical to your birds' health, so be sure they have quick access to water all the time.


A common rule of thumb is one cup or nipple for two to three birdsSo you will probably find that a drinker with three cups will comfortably support six to nine chickens depending on the heat. If you are uncertain, a little observation goes a long way. What you are looking for is that there are not so many crowding around the drinker(s) that they are fighting/competing and/or uncomfortable getting in. Watch and see, and add in more water sources if needed.

Waterers with Cups: better lower than higher. The ideal height for a cup waterer is such that the rim of a cup is at the height of the back of your chickens. In the real world, chickens come in many sizes and they change sizes so you will need to put it low enough that everyone can drink. Some folks have multiple waterers at varying heights. Some use chick waters until they are big enough to reach. You might have noticed that chickens will often take a sip from a low down dish and then lift and tilt their heads to run the water down their throat. So if the cup is on the low side they can still do this, it just won't be as easy or as fast.

Waterers with Horizontal Nipples can be a little higher.The height for horizontal nipples can be at head height because there is more pecking action rather than beak dipping. 

Where to mount/hang/place your Love My Hens Waterer.

Choice 1 – Hang it up. Loop the large handle over a hook, bracket, beam, board or anything else that sticks out. The waterer is designed with cups on only three sides of the tote so that you can hang it up against a wall, fence or post.
Choice 2 – Put it on a table.The cups are ¾” lower than the base of the tote so you will need to find something with a 7” diameter to set under the tote to raise it at least ¾” off the table.

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